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It is always easy to write on topics other than yourself. It is the same for me. Though I have lots to say about myself  and I can talk about myself endlessly like a total I, me, myself but when it comes to writing I totally clam up. But no today I must write and you dear readers shall have to bear my pompousness. From my side I promise after this never ever. At the same time I also promise to keep you engaged enough to read my story to the very end.

People say life after motherhood changes drastically. It did for me too. It changed for the better for me and how! After I had my first baby I quit my job and became a full time mum. Of course the apple of my eye wasn’t too pleased to have his mother hovering around him all the time. I too realized as a mother I was happy but being independent and self-reliant was something I missed terribly. By the time I mentally prepared myself to get back to a fulltime job I realized that baby 2 was on her way. So the question of moving back to an office job just didn’t arise. Yes I live in a nuclear family so after much discussion and debate I continued being a stay at home mother. But the frustration had begun to creep in and I was itching to get back to work. So I decided to start something of my own, something I could do from home without having to leave my kids and worry if they would be okay when I was away. Now what I wanted to start was a recruitment firm since I was very passionate about it. The challenge I faced was that I didn’t have any prior experience in that. I also had to decide which sector I would want to recruit for. I didn’t want to get into the rat race of taking up every recruitment profile that came my way, honestly, didn’t have the bandwidth either since there were only limited number of hours that I was planning to dedicate to this considering the two small kids at home. So I decided to concentrate only in an industry which I had come to understand after working in that, Media. The timing was just perfect, media companies especially television and radio were growing at a frantic pace so life got busy, and I was content. Okay I admit was not making pots of money but was happy being busy and taking small baby steps towards being an entrepreneur.

Moving on there was yet another episode that would change me and introduce me to another aspect of myself which I wasn’t aware of. The episode was 26/11. Seeing the way my city was attacked I felt an immediate need to reach out and help the ones who needed it. So when a friend started her blog to reach out to such victims I joined hands with her and be a small part of her efforts to reach out to such families. After that I became a part of a street school initiative that was reaching out to street kids, slum kids giving them a chance to study if they weren’t already. The school today has over 200 kids coming in everyday to learn from our teachers. Our trust provides them with uniforms, stationery, snacks and extracurricular activities every day. Our schools are running on the streets for two hours every day, we now plan to introduce some life skill training courses as well.

No this is not about what all I have managed to do but rather to show that small steps can lead to big changes in your life as well as in the lives of others who care about you. Its amazing how one thing leads you to another and life always gives you chances. It is just that we should be able to grab the opportunities that come our way. Okay, a slight correction, not all opportunities rather the ones that you would love to pursue and will lead to personal happiness and fulfillment.

Another thing I have learnt is that if you pursue things which you are passionate about you seldom fail. You may fall but you will never be unsuccessful. These small steps gave me the courage to pursue my hobbies as well. I started writing a book review blog. Reading books was a passion that is why I chose to write and share my thoughts about a book I had read. The blog also invited other book readers to review or talk about the book that they had liked/disliked to come and share it through our platform. Again because of the honest review that the blog offered to book readers it gained popularity and it soon made it into top Indian blogs the blogosphere had to offer. The blog now also interviews authors; we keep our readers posted on the latest book events happening in their cities. As an offshoot to the blog we also started a book club in Mumbai which meets every month to talk about books, the club also organizes author interactions, book events etc.

So all I can say is follow your passions, nothing stops you from achieving things you have set out to do and no not even having to give up that full time dream job to be with your kids. I have seen women who are fabulous mothers even though they hold a full time job. It is all about balancing your priorities and balancing them right. And it is a proven fact that women are better at handling multiple tasks at any given point of time. At the end would like to end with George Bernard Shaw’s quote : The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.

So what are you waiting for just go out there, the world awaits!


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April 7, 2012 at 4:27 pm

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