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Of differing opinions and trolling

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It has been an interesting ten days on social media for me, especially on twitter. It started with an article which was published in Hindustan Times by Namita Bhandare. Now Namita during her research for the article had been tweeting &asking people to write in to her about their trolling experience on twitter, and no it wasn’t specified that only a particular section of the twitter forum could write to her, anyone who replied was sent questions and their replies were used by her in the article. Similarly like the rest I was also asked and I gave her my answers. It was another thing that my quote didn’t find a mention hence she thanked me for my inputs. But then soon after all hell broke loose with regards to the ‘one sided piece’ that HT had carried out and how the writer had thanked a ‘Youth Congressi’ for her inputs. There were many counter articles written to counter what she had to say. The second episode was to follow soon after, this time it was a piece published in Global Post in which I was quoted. I spoke about trolling and on being asked specific instances I shared my experiences.

 I have absolutely no problems with another person’s differing point of view.  Exchanging my views with them has only ended up helping shape my own perspective towards a situation. I have come across some extremely articulate right wing supporters who I hold in high esteem and their opinions matter to me. And I follow them because I have so much more to learn from them. Differing opinion is always welcome and gives an insight into what the other side thinks too, and if it makes sense no harm in admitting it does.

But despite these sane voices one cannot shut ears to the ones which come out screaming the loudest yes there’s no denying this could be the voice of the oppressed, the people who are unhappy with the present government, the ones who haven’t got heard by the mainstream media and not that  we are snatching away the platform from them. Maybe 140 characters do not do justice to their angst and they come out sounding more aggressive than needed. No I do not label the people who disagree with me as trolls considering the fact that I follow some of them, neither the ones who are boorish or obnoxious (refer Jaideep Prabhu’s well articulated post for ) but yes those who repeatedly use the forum to abuse ,use profanities, provoke a person into reacting and then unleashing their anger at the person as per me is a troll. This is not trolling but a part of the “great unwashed” as per Jaideep. So be it. Let’s call them that but what can’t be taken away is that they do spew a lot of venom.

Leaving a venomous, angry rant on some you tube link or on some site is not the same as heaping abuses at an individual on twitter. There is a difference Mr. Prabhu. Yes I have an option of blocking such and filtering my timeline true but then my argument is why can’t I talk about the section which repeatedly attacks me? Why should I not call out such people?  Yes of course we are learning to live with the ‘great unwashed’ and just calling out to a few does not make me a victim, I am just choosing to share an experience I have had on twitter. If I had chosen not to deal with it I would have quit twitter when the Anna Hazare movement was at its peak.

Jaideep is right when he says Twitter is not the monopoly of anyone nor is the internet. Everyone is free to say what comes to their mind and what as per them is correct like Mr. Kanchan Gupta chose to do. He is a man I hugely admire despite his views; he chose to write about me after the Global Post article. I wouldn’t have had a problem but his tweet was factually incorrect with regards to the article as well as the point he made. But when such a tweet comes from a senior journalist like him it is taken as the gospel truth and was RTed over and over. My response sadly did not find many takers as it corrected his errors.  For me it doesn’t matter but what came out clearly was Mr. Gupta’s singling me out to make a point which wasn’t even true. He went on to say that the way I was quoted and the piece was structured showed I am setting up the writer to write it. That’s underestimating the writer’s ability & overestimating mine just to prove his theory. (tweets below)

Would just conclude this by saying you can choose to live with your truth and I’ll live with mine. You live with your theories, me with mine. A healthy exchange of ideas is good but if you try to shove your truth or theory down my throat don’t expect me not to holler right back and call you out.

Some Priyanka Chaturvedi is “elected office-holder” of Congress? When were elections held? Oh, my bad. When Sonia was “elected” president. “

Priyanka Chaturvedi ‏@priyankac19 @KanchanGupta Sir if you would have read the article carefully enough it says Priyanka is an elected member of the youth wing of Cong 

 And then this: 

 ‏@priyankac19 @indiantweeter Why don’t you write about it, would love to contribute. I am not the one setting up these write ups anyway! @KanchanGupta

@KanchanGupta @priyankac19 Manner in which you’re quoted, manner in which you selectively admonish, would suggest you are setting them up@indiantweeter
@priyankac19 @KanchanGupta WHAT?you really think I am tht important?Sir am just another aam admi trying to be a part of the political sys@indiantweeter

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June 20, 2012 at 2:23 pm

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