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Every time on reading news about what women are sometimes subjected to in this country and feeling that it can’t get any lower, the people of this great nation go a step forward in proving that theory incorrect. I have always maintained this and will continue to do so -why worship goddesses when we do not know how to accord basic respect to our women.

A look at the crime rate (recorded) till 2010 below will give the reader an idea how crime against women hasn’t subsided but only increased over the years. Now, well these figures have been compiled based on recorded cases there are many more that go unreported-

Crime Heads 1995 2000 2005 2010
Rape 13,754 16,496 18,359 22,172
Dowry death 4,648 6,995 6,787 8,391
Molestation 26,856 32,940 34,175 40,613
Sexual harassment 4,689 11,024 9,984 9,961
Cruelty by husbands
and relatives
28,579 45,778 58,319 94,041
Importation of girls   64 149 36
Total Cases  78,526 1,13,297 1,27,773 1,75,214
Source: NCRBs

In a survey conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation India was amongst the top 5 worst places for women to stay in the world, the others being Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan and Somalia. The inclusion of India, a country rapidly developing into an economic super-power, came as a surprise to many. Being a part of such a list should indeed make our heads hang in shame. On one hand is the story about how India is the best destination for women entrepreneurs to grow and on the other is the growing crime rate against women. Yes in the very same country. Two Indias anyone?

The most recent case that happened in Guwahati and the audaciousness of the entire episode left the nation aghast and rightfully outraged. Any woman in the world would agree after reading/seeing the drama unfold, that India indeed lives up to the Thomson Reuters findings.

What was extremely disturbing was the role of the off duty journalist who recorded the entire episode on his mobile phone for 30 minutes but did not once stop to get the hooligans to back off- wouldn’t this be abetting the situation and what about the bystanders who just stood and watched the entire event unfold?

Whatever may have led to the circumstances, whatever be the background of the build up to the incident it is absolutely ridiculous and shameful to try and shift the blame on the girl and question her morals. The guilty people behind this episode need to be a taught a lesson they never forget and the punishment meted out to them should work as a deterrent for others who think they can get away with anything. As of now 8 of the 12 accused have been arrested by the police while the prime culprit is still absconding.

This entire episode brought back memories of an episode that happened in Mumbai just outside a prominent five star hotel on New Year’s eve with two ladies who despite being part of a larger group were molested by some men. It can happen anywhere, any state, any part of the country it can happen to you and to me tomorrow if we choose to keep quiet about it and not raise our collective voices to ensure the girl gets justice.

Some people have instead of genuinely wanting to get justice for the girl have started indulging in the usual pin the blame game and allowed the core issue be forgotten because of their personal biases. Not that I expected any better. It is time to talk in one voice, for one cause- yes very Satyamev Jayate type of a line.  But do remember it has always been the bickering of us VS them that has damaged any cause more than anything else. Sad to see it happening with this episode too.

Like every woman who is outraged after the episode so am I, just because I chose to stay silent does not give one the right to question my integrity or my honesty towards a cause. I will speak but when I want to, I cannot be bullied into silence and the same works for me vice versa too.


Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

July 17, 2012 at 10:33 am

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  1. really we have need to grow up on this issue and collective response of people ensure to stop this social evil and make woman free environment……

    rakesh jamwal

    July 17, 2012 at 1:00 pm

  2. completely aghast at the statistics.
    wish, i could be helpful in nabbing the culprits or preventing such incidents.


    July 17, 2012 at 3:33 pm

  3. The stats are appalling. You are absolutely right Priyanka, when on one hand we are worshipping goddesses, on the other we are molesting the same gender. No matter what the girl had done…drinking, drugs, even murder, the men had no right to touch her. They got a chance to fulfill their fetishes, they did so by molesting her. What had happened in Mumbai last year sent shock waves round the country, what happened? Nothing! An innocent man was killed in cold blood because he was protecting a woman from eve teasing, it was a sad incident, what happened, nothing!! India is never going to grow up, we have to take it in our hands. Women are being slaughtered everyday in the name of dowry, female infanticide and what not! Off late, there have been many who have fought for their rights, some have succumbed, some have emerged victorious. I salute such women. ITC Vivel Active Fair is organising an award called Choo Lo Aasmaan for such women who have fought their way to the top. I feel it is a great initiative. Good deeds go unnoticed in India, hopefully awards like these will give them the platform to keep fighting.

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