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My DNA Column: When Mommies go back to school

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Do you know what moment mums, dads and more importantly, the kids look forward to with bated breath? It is the time schools reopen. Parents wait for the moment to get a chance to breathe normally again, and kids to get back to their school friends and their routine again.

So how does one begin preparing for school to begin? What I remember from my time is the excitement of opening new textbooks, new stories, the smell of a new page and new uniforms. Of course, today, kids have the same things to look forward to, but there is also a whole new range of stationery, water bottles, and tiffin boxes to choose from. The kids are spoilt for choice.

This time round when I went to pick up a school bag for my kids, I was tempted to buy one for myself. Why didn’t we have cool things like the ones available today during our school days? But despite so much variety being available, our kids still don’t like what they see.

Do you remember the school uniform and the shoes you wore to school? Well, these days, uniforms are designer and shoes are branded. Gone are the canvas shoes days — today’s kids have the option of wearing international brands. As a mother I have to keep track of their favourite character on television or movies and ensure that the school essentials match up to those, else there’s hell to pay! No, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but if you were to step into any store selling these items, you would know what I mean. The battle is between the Avengers, Power Rangers, Ben 10, Hot Wheels, and Spiderman for the boys; and the girls have a huge variety too: Barbie, Dora the Explorer, Chotta Bheem, Angry Birds, and all the Disney women! So you know how tough a mum’s life is to have to keep track of their latest chosen character.
No, this is not a rant on how today’s kids are different and pampered from how we were, but just a look at shifting trends.

What hasn’t changed though, is the mommy network trying to get hold of a class senior’s books, so that their child is better prepared when he begins the new session; what hasn’t changed is the mother’s perpetual battle with her child to figure what he will take in his lunch box; what hasn’t changed is us mummies running after them to finish their homework on time.

But then all this is a part of the fun of going back to school. The shopping, the preparation, the excitement is the high point in every child’s life. For the children the countdown has begun. As much as they enjoyed the summer break, they are more than eager now to head back to school.

I am very well aware of what will follow soon after — the complaints about too much homework, no time to play, when will the weekend come, that they are overworked, that school hours are too long. But that is the circle I have been through as a school student myself and it is a routine we all have loved to hate! This is what they will recall as their wonder years when they grow up. The memories that they shall treasure forever.


Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

July 16, 2012 at 9:35 am

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