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So I go missing again!

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I wish the blogging world also had some punishment for people like me who just abandon their blogs! Like I did. But no more! I am back. While I was away, I did write a couple of columns, which I shall post here,in case you haven’t read it despite my promoting it big time on twitter and facebook 😀 No no sorry there is no escaping me. You cannot not read what I have written!

Jokes apart my other, much loved book review blog, participated in the Times of India Wassup! Andheri. The blog handled the literature segment for the event. Thanks to all readers of the blog and the authors, the book events lined up all the three days, went off well. Though I personally wish there would be more attendees. I seriously can’t figure why people do not turn up in large numbers for book events. Though I know there are many book readers out there in Mumbai. If someone does find a solution to this, do share it with me. 

Soon I’ll be sharing all the fun things I did at the 3 day fest. The Book Lovers blog will have all the updates in all seriousness, while this will be a more backstage banter kind of posts!

So do keep reading!   



Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

March 27, 2012 at 9:02 am

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