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DNA Column: When the domestic help is on a holiday

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Dear Diary,
I am so upset today that I can’t even begin to tell you. You ask me what happened? Let me start from the beginning. Today I almost had a mini heart attack, when my house help declared that she would be taking a 10-day leave for Ganpati pooja.

Since you have been my secret keeper for so long, you would know what that means to my general health. You would sympathise with me and agree that it is the single most painful thing to hear. Of course it is less painful than hearing ‘I am quitting’. So since they were not these three dreaded words, I have agreed, though very reluctantly, to let her go.

Now, dear diary, you know how my entire life comes to a standstill when she leaves. Honestly, I would be okay with the husband going on a tour, but not her. Yes that is the bitter truth, but it should remain a secret between the two of us. Now just the thought of her leaving for 10 days has increased my blood pressure, and has me running like a headless chicken trying to organise everyone’s schedule. Or rather reorganise my own schedule around the family.

One thing I am certain of is that now when I take both the kids down to play, I will at least be able to share my grief with other mums who know exactly what it is like to have no help around. It is so effortless to open my heart out to other mums and discuss at length the helplessness of my state of affairs. Truth be told, my dear friend, that is the time I eagerly look forward to so that I can rant about it. When I hear stories of other house-helps I only end up saying a short prayer thanking god that I am in a better situation than they are.

Of course, as is the norm after sharing the state of affairs, we move on to talk about other interesting topics of discussion, well you do get the drift? If not, let’s leave it for some other day and concentrate on the problem at hand. But one good thing that always comes out of it is that I end up making new mummy friends thanks to our common pain points.

My kids somehow don’t look too happy too without the help around. I guess they realise their mum turns into an ogress when there is no help. I have this feeling that so does the husband.I think so do my business partners who feel that I am suddenly being unreasonable about everything. What do you think, dear diary, can I ever be badly behaved? Sigh! People will never understand, not even my very own at such times. I am glad that you do.

So, moving on, diary, after sharing so much of my pain with you, I am relieved, but I also have to tell you that it is thankfully temporary and this too shall pass. I keep telling myself that tough times do not last, tough people do, and yes such is the seriousness of the situation! Anyway, she will be back soon and life will be normal again. I will not be an unreasonable ogress anymore!

But I do sometimes wonder how my life has changed after the kids arrived and, along with them, my priorities in life. 
Anyway, got to go, plenty of work left undone.

Until then, be good, my friend. Will catch you later!


Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

March 27, 2012 at 9:23 am

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