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DNA Column: Have kids, will celebrate

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Priyanka Chaturvedi

One thing I absolutely enjoy after I became a mommy is to attend birthday parties.

The kind of efforts that mums put in these days to make their child’s birthday a memorable one is appreciable.

I have also pulled out all stops to ensure that my child has a fun day. But sometimes I really wonder if it is all worth the effort we mums put in? Both my kids have no memory of the parties I organised for them!

Our kids today have a busier social life than we do. I can’t help but remember my own childhood days where everyone used to celebrate birthdays at home. Passing the parcel and tail the donkey were usually the two games played followed by cake-cutting and chips, cake plus one more snack were the staple food fare. It ended with a simple token return gift.

But today, we parents do not think twice before organising a lavish event for our own kids.

The concept of a small, intimate gathering is long over. I have seen mums for whom their child’s birthday party is like the event of the year and they find ways and means to make it different and unique from other parties. Then there are some mums who in the search for organising an exclusive party end up organising a bizarre event which has absolutely noconnection to the kid whose birthday they are celebrating.While there are some parties that are so well organised that they just take your breath away. I seriously envy such well planned mums. I am truly scatter-brained when I have had to handle my own kids’ parties.

This is how it usually works, starting with planning a theme for the party and then working around the birthday cards, decor, return gifts and games to match the theme. Oh, by the way, there are many event companies that will take this headache off your back if you have the money to spare! At every birthday party, a tattoo artist, a magic show, a game show host and music are a given. Most of the parties are judged by what they organise over and above that. Also did I mention the entire hullaballoo over the loot bags? What happened to the simple toffee-filled balloons? My kids’ judge how good or bad the party was depending on what they managed to get in their loot bags and as return gifts. Kid you not.

It is not just the scale of the event that has changed; the venue of the party is not the drawing room of your home but usually a banquet hall, or your local club. The return gifts are not your usual tiffin boxes, pencil boxes, water bottles, etc, but a party theme based gift. But these days the most popular venues are usually the pizza/ burger places and malls that have special birthday party packages. I am certain they too have realised the importance and significance a child’s birthday has in the new age parents’ lives besides it being an important revenue model for them.

Sounds complicated? Not really, once you become a mummy, it is almost part of the natural process. Have kid, will celebrate, becomes our mantra.


Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

March 27, 2012 at 9:37 am

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