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DNA Column: Choosing the right food for the kids

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So how many of you moms have beamed from ear to ear whenever someone has remembered the ‘Chubby cheeks’ rhyme on seeing your child? I used to too whenever I used to hear those words for my four-year-old daughter. I used to take this as a personal certificate for being the best mommy as I was feeding the child just the right things to get to her chubbiness.

This, coming after a child who was extremely thin and people used to give me looks like I would deliberately not feed him.
Soon I realised that my daughter was gaining weight rapidly. But yet again I was proud of having a baby ahead of her milestones.

Then one day when I took her to her pediatrician I was taken aback when he told me that my daughter was overweight and that she should be put on a diet or else she will keep gaining weight gradually as she grows older. He also told me her weight was not a matter of pride, but should be a matter of concern.

Can you imagine my shock? I refused to believe it. I told him that he was unnecessarily setting the alarm bells ringing when none were needed. He advised me that I should avoid, as much as I could, giving her any food high on sugar and fat. I was left open mouthed! Imagine getting a child who loves all the fatty, sugary foods to avoid it. How would I manage? And, in all honesty, I still haven’t.

With a very heavy heart I told my family this and they told me to take the doctor’s advice with a pinch of salt. They felt that she would lose all her ‘baby fat’ on her own or as she grows up. That is what I wanted to do too. But I could not not address my dilemma as to her weight gain. I discussed this situation with my mommy friends too and they just laughed it off saying I worry too much and she’ll lose the weight without me having to worry about it.

Not that my daughter’s weight is over the top and something to really worry about. But then when I come across some children in and around schools and my neighbourhood, I see that there are lots of kids who are overweight, and yet there is no sense of concern about it — whether it is the kid or the parents. When I researched it, I realised that there is a growing incidence of obesity in our young kids even before they reach adolescence. It is a matter of concern.

As a mother, I had a choice, I could ignore what the doctor said and let her be the way she is, or take some steps to ensure that her growth is as per milestones and not rapid. I chose the latter.

Some still think I am crazy to control her diet, but I’d rather do it now than having to see her suffer with weight-related issues later. Also, there is absolutely no harm in raising a child who is conscious of what she eats, how outdoor play is important, and knowing that being fit is healthy.

I wouldn’t call it a successful attempt yet, nor have I taken all the necessary steps needed, but the process has begun. I think the most important thing here was accepting the fact that as a mother my job was not only to feed my kids, but feed them the right food as well.


Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

March 27, 2012 at 9:57 am

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  1. all the best.. could you also enlighten what kind of diet are you doing for ure kid?


    March 27, 2012 at 11:27 am

  2. True…. Sometimes I feel that parents tend to feel that children eating too much is not a concern as not eating enough…. R they trying to feed them adult size portions cos its how much will satisfy them???

    Upkaran gupta

    March 27, 2012 at 3:04 pm

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