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Super K: A lovely desi superhero movie

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Last month my son and me were invited for a rather interesting event. The event was to launch an online superhero animated movie called Super K. Released and produced by Shemaroo and available for viewing free of cost on Yahoo! was a fun watch for my son. He came back home and saw it again online.

I was very intrigued by the entire online release concept, how it works and is this the way it is going to be in the future for niche movies like Super K. I asked a few questions to the producer of the movie, the lovely and gracious Smita Maroo. Here is what she had to say:


­­­Congratulations on introducing a new concept of an online release of an animation movie in India and that too absolutely free of cost. How did the entire idea come about?

Indian animation industry is a niche segment. It becomes difficult for Indian animation films to survive in India due to lack of requisite support from film exhibitors and distributors. Animation films generally do not get apt time slots in theatres, as a result of which lot of kids and parents are not able to catch the movie, though they want to. So we decided to release it online where one can enjoy the movie in the comfort of their homes at any time, any place and on multiple devices. The children can watch this movie “Super K” multiple times and that too FREE.
 As a producer of the movie what are the revenue channels you are looking at to recover the cost of production?

We have tied up with several brands, who seek association with a kid’s film like this. We have seen a lot of enthusiasm amongst leading FMCG companies and brands with products for kids. If such advertisers come to support our initiative, it will be a fresh lease of hope for animation film makers. And their support will ensure that the experiment succeeds. The revenues come primarily from advertisers in the online platform.
Why did you choose to release the movie online rather than a regular theatre release?

As earlier said, animation industry in India is a niche one. There are only a handful of animation moviesthat get released every year. Theatre owners generally give these movies an odd time slots like a 9am show or 10pm show which are not conducive for parents with school going children. As the result children’s movies suffer since low attendance in theatres leads to shows being cancelled. If people don’t support this medium, animation will die a premature death. In addition, we wanted to connect and engage with our film viewers at a more one-to-one level. Since most parents and children are present on the Internet and today’s children being extremely tech savvy, we decided to release the film online where wewould be able to reach millions of animation film lovers.
Are we going to see more movies releasing online through the house of Shemaroo?

The concept of releasing the movie online is extremely novel and an idea whose time has come. We are adopting a radically different path for Super K. We hope that audiences will like the movie and this initiative will open up new avenues and vistas for kids, animation film-makers and audiences.
The movie released on 11.11.11. How has the response been?

Too early to comment on anything now.
Do you have any plans to take this movie into overseas markets?

We have been promoting Super K in the international market and I am very happy to say that the film has already been acquired for the territories of US and Canada to start off with.


Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

December 14, 2011 at 7:15 am

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