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My thoughts on Stanley Ka Dabba

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Recently I took both my kids to watch Amole Gupte’s Stanley Ka Dabba. I was intrigued to watch what Amole came up with considering his fallout with Aamir Khan during the making of Taare Zameen Par. A movie I loved. Also SKD  was being promoted as a kiddie flick so I had to show it to the kids. So off the three of us went all pretty certain that the movie is going to be a fabulous one.
Must say the movie did not disappoint and Partho as Stanley was fabulous. The school they showed in the movie took me back to mine, of course my kids could not relate to such a school. They are in a school which has only 28 kids in class with 2 teachers hovering around them all the time. Well that is a different story, deserves another post for that. Even the teachers, especially the science teacher reminded me of my school. Sharing tiffins, who got what in their tiffin, my mom’s piping hot tiffin (since I went to a school which was barely 30 sec away from home), our tiffin fights it all came rushing back to me while watching the movie. It was pure nostalgic bliss. And when I saw Stanley’s principal (father is how we addressed them)  I wished I too had a good looking principal like that. It would have made the school times perfect! Jokes apart, sadly my son could not understand why the Principal was wearing a robe to work. Sigh!
Totally heartbreaking though was the end. I knew the movie was heading in that direction as soon as the tiffin became the central theme. My son just kept asking me ‘Why can’t Stanley carry his own tiffin?’ ‘ Why was he asked to stop coming to school just because he does not carry his own tiffin?’ I definitely did not have the heart to tell him what was coming next and moreover by then I had started crying copious tears myself by guessing how the movie will end.
The end hit my son real hard. He just kept crying and crying and crying some more. Thankfully the daughter did not understand what was happening. All she kept doing was wiping our tears and kissing us both in turns. Yes she is a darling. :) After the movie ended I tried explaining the concept of the movie and all he kept saying was that ‘Mummy I shouldn’t have seen the movie.’ Yes outwardly he does come across as a strong, nothing can affect me kind of a person but he is a very sensitive child at heart.  And the movie did disturb him.
I felt that’s the basic difference between Taare Zameen Par and Stanley ka Dabba. While the former ended on a happy note the latter did not. While the former was a little filmy and too full of positivity the latter was a simple, no frill yet hard hitting look at reality. I know it is unfair to compare the two movies considering their themes were absolutely different. The comparison comes because of the common factor between the two.
Okay so now I want to know from all you mums out there, which theme would you prefer to convey an important message to your child?Would it be the TZP style of  explaining which, though slightly OTT , explained dyslexia and managed to keep it happy happy in the end or would you much rather take the SKD route which is ‘please face it that life is not all bed of roses but do make the most out of what you got.’
Till now I think I have been the TZP kind of a mom. I know there is lot of unhappiness out there in the world and it can be a totally wretched world at times but yet I want to shield my kids from this reality or if not shield gently break to them what the reality is all about. I do take my kids to the street school that we run, yes they are sensitive about kids coming from a less privileged background but yet I only choose to tell them the happy stories that emerge from my school. I keep away the stories that have the potential of breaking their heart.
So what kind of mum are you? Do share your thoughts about this ( if you manage to read the post in total that is :p )

Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

May 20, 2011 at 10:51 am

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