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Thank you Indiblogger!

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Thank You Indiblogger! You have managed to, thanks to your ranking system, salvage an almost dying blog! I was pleasantly surprised to get my new ranking for this blog- it stands at 47! Yes I am totally feeling guilty for neglecting this blog which was so dear to me but now your ranking has managed to revive my interest in the blog yet again..More so because I will feel motivated enough to keep writing to maintain this ranking.

Yet again it would be absolutely random posts just about anything that has caught my attention and is good enough to be shared with the readers!( going by absolutely no comments on the blog not too sure if I have anyone reading my blog anyway)

So there is this amazingly hilarious book that I am reading Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella…yes yes the same lady responsible for Rebecca (Becky) Bloomwood! She is now a mommy to a 2 year old Minnie who is as big a shopaholic as her mum…the sequences in the book are just way too funny. And as is the norm when you are reading about a mummy- baby book you are bound to make comparisons with your own self. I can absolutely understand the challenges Rebecca faces as a mother of a two year old Ms. Smarty Pants! It is similar to what I face with my daughter of course not as much as what Becky has to handle! Thank god my daughter is not aware of baby designer clothes…YET. Speaking of which neither is her mum…designer clothes and I don’t get along. Of course various reasons the topmost being the affordability J second I don’t understand fashion I usually pick up and wear stuff I am comfortable in so the spring/summer/winter trends is just not my cup of tea!

I don’t read Vogue and even if I do, I end up ogling at the designer bags/shoes. Oh I forgot to mention designer clothes is the only thing I don’t understand…the rest as in bags and shoes are just what I absolutely dig and love but sigh can’t afford!!

Of course not understanding or following fashion does not mean I don’t hoard enough and more clothes…Ask poor husband who has to keep making place in his wardrobe to make place for my stuff (must be a general woman thing since I know all my girlie friends do the same thing!). Handbags and shoes are other things that are constantly fighting for a place in my wardrobe!

Such is life for us women. All I have to say is I am lucky to be a woman…the sheer indulgence is, well so worth it!

Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

September 13, 2010 at 7:12 am

Posted in Fashion, Indiblogger, Random

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