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Back for good!

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I have been missing in action for so long! I seriously feel bad that I almost abandoned this blog. There should be a punishment for bloggers who just stop updating their blog (I am sure I will be the front runner in this!).It is not that I gave up on blogging altogether it is just that all my efforts were diverted to my other blog! Yes I do have another blog but it is all about books! I have always been very passionate about books. Books have been my companion, my best friend, my hobby all through my growing up years and continue being an important part of my life till date! So, the choice was not very difficult as I knew if there was anything I would want to write about besides my mundane life it would obviously be that. Since I don’t have the expertise or bandwidth to write more complex things like state of Indian Politics, Government, International Affairs!
Lots of other things have also been happening in my life…Ahem, I am sure you would want to know what has been keeping me so busy and occupied-well for instance twitter, facebook have kept me busy and so have my kids! My daughter turns 3 next month, which would ideally mean end of terrible twos and a life of peace as a mother. But sigh it doesn’t work that way with my kids. There have been no terrible twos or threes with my kids or being naughty only up to a particular age! They have been naughty and a handful ever since they were born, especially my daughter! I have been blessed with a daughter who, I am sure, was a super woman in her past life she is so full of energy and always up to mischief . If she is Super Woman then my son is no less he I feel is a reincarnation of Bruce Lee. I kid you not! They are quite a combination, right? If you think I exaggerate please feel free to try and babysit them for an entire day as the pleasure would be all mine.
The other good thing is, the street schools are going strong and we have over 200 kids coming everyday for two hours of school.
Okay I know, I know not enough excuses for not updating this blog! Plan to change that and keep posting random, nonsensical stuff. Of course my raving and ranting about the world, country and family in general will continue here! That is an important part of me and can’t be wished away.
Yes back and hopefully for good!
(PS: Please do read my book review blog and of course feel free to comment! Not that I am moderating comments here..!)


Written by Priyanka Chaturvedi

July 30, 2010 at 12:53 pm

Posted in kids, Random, street school

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